To create diverse, profitable and sustainable businesses that provide meaningful opportunities for the tribal citizens of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa.

Meskwaki, Inc. is a tribal company wholly-owned by the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa. Our mission is to use the Tribe’s various economic and legal advantages to develop and operate successful tribally-owned business enterprises; to provide meaningful jobs and opportunities for Tribal Citizens; and, to provide the Tribe with an adequate income stream from its business operations so the Tribe may reach total economic self-sufficiency.

Meskwaki, Inc. is incorporated under specific provisions of the Tribal Corporate Code dealing with wholly-owned tribal corporations. It is used as a holding company for economic development and business entities. Under the Tribe’s corporate code, Meskwaki, Inc. is operated by a Board of Directors appointed by the Tribal Council. The Meskwaki, Inc. Board of Directors consists of five directors. In order to ensure the long-term objectives of the Tribe, two Directors of the Board also serve on the Tribal Council. To ensure community involvement, a third Director of the Board is a tribal citizen.  To ensure broad business knowledge, the fourth and fifth Director may be individuals from outside the Meskwaki Community who are experienced in business and corporate governance.

The Tribe is the sole shareholder of Meskwaki, Inc. The Tribe’s interest is held and voted by the Tribal Council.


Bob Bills CEO


Meskwaki, Inc.

Mike Canning - Meskwaki Inc


Meskwaki, Inc.
VP of Finance

Holly Youngbear-Schrock - Meskwaki HR Director


Meskwaki, Inc.
Human Resource Director