To create diverse, profitable and sustainable businesses that provide meaningful opportunities for the members of the Sac and Fox tribes of the Mississippi in Iowa.

Meskwaki, Inc. is a tribal company wholly-owned by the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa. Our mission is to use the Tribe’s various economic and legal advantages to develop and operate successful tribally-owned business enterprises; to provide meaningful jobs and opportunities for Tribal members; and, to provide the Tribe with an adequate income stream from its business operations so the Tribe may reach total economic self-sufficiency.

Meskwaki, Inc. is incorporated under specific provisions of the Tribal Corporate Code dealing with wholly-owned tribal corporations. It is used as a holding company for economic development and business entities. Under the Tribe’s corporate code, the Corporation is operated by a Board of Directors appointed by the Tribal Council. The Board consists of five members. In order to ensure the long-term objectives of the Tribe, two members of the Board are Tribal Council members. To ensure community involvement, a third member of the Board is a tribal member.  To ensure broad business knowledge, the fourth and fifth members may be individuals from outside the Meskwaki Community who are experienced in business and corporate governance.

The Tribe is the sole shareholder of Meskwaki, Inc. and the Tribe’s interest is held and voted by the Tribal Council.


Mark Hubble - Meskwaki Inc - CEO



Mark is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kansas, and also went on to receive his Law Degree from Yale Law School. He then finished with his M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is an Alumni Scholar and a University Scholar from the University of Oklahoma.

Mark is an experienced Attorney General, working for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska before becoming the Chief Operating Officer at Ho-Chunk, Inc. He was also the CEO of General Labor, Inc. prior to coming to Meskwaki, Inc.

Carol Guetschow - Meskwaki - Director of Sales


Big River Trading Company – Director of Sales

Carol is responsible for business planning, accountability, research & development, marketing, national & global sales and service. Prior to joining Big River Trading, Carol worked for Sears as a General Manager responsible for all store operations including Human Relations and marketing associated with the operation of a 15 million dollar store. Carol’s previous work included JC Penny’s, broadcasting, media sales & marketing and being trained and schooled by top companies such as the Thompson Corporation.

She has been recognized for her skills of producing high-level metric numbers, changing behaviors, leading a team to excellence and the quality of being outstanding. Most importantly Carol provides the education and tools to help business thrive by actions that will get you what you want to achieve. Carol’s favorite quote is “Push to move up to move forward.”

Jeff Denniston-Meskwaki-inc


Woodlands Construction Company – Construction Manager

Jeff Denniston comes to us with extensive experience having owned or operated businesses in multiple industries; including building material distribution, aviation operations, auto-sport operations, retail center development & operations, land & real estate development, and residential & commercial construction. Most recently, Jeff was managing superintendent for a Houston, TX based private equity group overseeing a 120 home development in Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.

Born in Newton, Iowa he was raised in the lumber yard business and has spent a majority of his 30+ year career in the Des Moines, IA area. Having successfully completed several hundred projects in various segments of construction, he brings a wealth of experience to our team and future development.

Autumn Keahna-Meskwaki-inc


Meskwaki, Inc. – Operations Associate

Autumn is the Operations Associate for Meskwaki, Inc. and recently received an appreciation award for her work. Known for her ‘can-do’ attitude, Autumn is using her ability to apply and communicate action in big ways for the team. Additionally, she is currently in school learning about business, social problems, and human development.

She wants to set an example for her daughter. “My priorities have changed over the last few years. Now when I look into my daughter’s eyes and see her hope and joy, I know that it falls to me to ensure her future is secure and that opportunities are available to her.”

Elaine Youngbear - Meskwaki


Meskwaki, Inc. – Board Secretary to the Board of Directors

Elaine Youngbear started with Meskwaki, Inc. in 2015 as one of the first interns. The relationship has grown and continued ever since. She is currently acting as Secretary to the Meskwaki, Inc. Board of Directors and all of its subdivisions. Youngbear is working toward her Statistics degree and enjoys learning and working for the betterment of the tribe.

Shawntel Randall- Meskwaki Inc


Big River Trading Company – Executive Sales


Tim Youngbear - Meskwaki Inc


Big River Trading Company – Warehouse Manager



Meskwaki Travel Plaza – Acting GM


Holly Youngbear-Schrock - Meskwaki HR Director


Human Resources Director



Meskwaki Travel Plaza – Route 30 Diner Manager


Meskwaki Fuels – Transportation Manager